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Games of the past and present

Before the advent of modern video games as we know and love them today, for entertainment people would be forced to engage in more primitive activities such as board games, playing music or sports. But nowadays more and more people are finding themselves drawn to the thrill of this somewhat new form of passive digital entertainment.

Way back in the 1950s people were experimenting with computers and electronics for use in entertainment applications so by the 1970s they were ready for mass-market penetration with the first video game Pong released to massive success. Some games that followed included Canyon Bomber and Lunar Lander with the Atari 2600 VCS being released which was also extremely successful. These early games might not have been very complex but they were novel, immersive, original and fun which was more than enough to capture people’s imaginations at the time.

Of course nowadays the average video game is a lot more impressive with almost virtual reality-like immersive experiences with surround sound, complex effects and in-depth characters making the gameplay extremely visceral, almost like acting in a movie.

One of the biggest differences between video games of the past and the present is the addition of a very involved and complex storyline. In the past, the main factor that contributed to a game’s success was its playability but now gamers are much more demanding and require an almost novel-esque story to back up the gameplay. This is often expressed with the characters in certain scenarios like fights, murders, betrayals, traveling or magic spells. This helps explain more about characters’ motivations, history and relationships to the other characters in the game. The player then becomes more invested in the game and this also helps to drum up excitement for subsequence titles in the series.

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